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The Greg Montalbano Minor League Award is given by the Boston baseball writers to a player or individual who has made the greatest impact in the minor leagues in the past season.

Minor League Award Winners
1981 Ben Mondor, President, Pawtucket Red Sox
1982 Joe Morgan, Manager, Pawtucket Red Sox
1983 Dick Berardino, Manager, Elmira Suns
1984 Mike Tamburo, President, Pawtucket Red Sox
1985 Billy Jo Robidoux, Milwaukee Brewers
1986 Pat Dobson, Pawtucket Red Sox
1987 Sam Horn, Pawtucket Red Sox
1988 Mickey Pina, Lynchburg Red Sox
1989 Tim Naehring, Pawtucket Red Sox
1990 Mo Vaughn, Pawtucket Red Sox
Phil Plantier, Pawtucket Red Sox
1991 Rick Lancellotti, Pawtucket Red Sox
1992 Ken Ryan, Pawtucket Red Sox
1993 Paul Thoutsis, Pawtucket Red Sox
1994 Eric Wedge, Pawtucket Red Sox
1995 Mark Sweeney, St. Louis Cardinals
1996 Buddy Bailey, Pawtucket Red Sox
1997 Brian Rose, Pawtucket Red Sox
1998 Trot Nixon, Pawtucket Red Sox
1999 Wilton Veras, Pawtucket Red Sox
2000 Carlos Pena, Texas Rangers
2001 Greg Montalbano, Pawtucket Red Sox
2002 Rocco Baldelli, Tampa Bay Devil Rays
2003 Bronson Arroyo, Pawtucket Red Sox
2004 Earl Snyder, Pawtucket Red Sox
2005 Jon Lester, Pawtucket Red Sox
2006 Jacoby Ellsbury, Portland Sea Dogs
2007 Clay Buchholz, Portland Sea Dogs
Jacoby Ellsbury, Pawtucket Red Sox
2008 Jeff Bailey, Pawtucket Red Sox
2009 Casey Kelly, Greenville Drive/Salem Red Sox
2010 Anthony Rizzo, Salem Red Sox/Portland Sea Dogs
2011 Ryan Lavarnway, Portland Sea Dogs/Pawtucket Red Sox
2012 Jackie Bradley, Jr., Salem Red Sox/Portland Sea Dogs
2013 Xander Bogaerts, Portland Sea Dogs/Pawtucket Red Sox
2014 Mookie Betts, Portland Sea Dogs/Pawtucket Red Sox